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lrregular shape sachet liquid packing
Multi Track Lrregular Shape Sachet Liquid Packing Machine
suitable for liquid irregular shaped bags packing such as shampoos, conditioners, creams, essential oils, sauces, jellies, gels, lotions, concentrated fruit juices, black hair dyes, skin creams, essences , etc.
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ice lollies liquid packing machine
Multi-Track Side Sealing Ice Lollies Liquid Packing Machine
Suitable for liquid Long stick packaging such as water, juice, milk, oil, popsicle, jam, sauce, jelly, etc.
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liquid sachet packing machine
Multi Track Side Sealing Bag Liquid Sachet Packing Machine
Suitable for liquid three or four sides seal packaging such as shampoo, cream, oil, sauce, butter, water, etc.
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liquid stick packing machine
Multi-Lane Back Sealing Liquid Stick Packing Machine
This machine suitable for liquid stick packaging such as sauces, juices, shampoos, jellies, creams, oils, vinegars, milk, popsicles, etc.
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sachet packing machine
Multi Track Side Sealing Bag Granule Packing Machine
Suits the package with plastic bag of small granule, such as sugar, salt, aginomoto and so on.
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stick pack machine manufacturers 
Mixed Material Sticks Packing Machine
Applicable For Packing Powder Materials And Granular Materials Such As Coffee Powder, Medicinal Powder,Chemicals Powder, Sugar, Salt, Coffee, MSG, Seasoning,Etc
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stick pack manufacturer
Multi Track Side Sealing Bag Powder Packing Machine
Suitable for packing powder materials such as coffee powder, medicinal powder, milk powder, juice powder, chocolate powder, grain powder, green tea powder, healthy powder etc in the industries of phamacy, food and agricultural chemicals.
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Stickpack machine
Multi Lane Grain Stick Packing Machine
Suitable for many kinds of loose granule products, such as sugar, salt, small grains, seeds, spice, etc.
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Stick pack machine
Multi Lane Powder Stick Packing Machine
Suitable for many kinds of powder products, such as coffee powder, milk powder, spice powder, seasoning powder, etc.
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