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Guidance for first time to buy Filling Machine/ Packing Machine

31.Jul 2023
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Many customers are confused about the opportunity to buy a filling machine and packaging machine for the first time. They will have many questions and are not sure whether they have chosen the most suitable machine and the best price. Today I will give you some tips about buying a packaging machine and filling machine for the first time.

Customer Frequently Questions

1. Are you a real manufacturer or trade company?
Of course, we are a real manufacturer with over 16 years of experience, we have 5 production workshops for different types of machines, we have our own professional and experienced engineering team, welcome to visit our factory and also you can check our company presentation video by link:
2. What’s the warranty on your machine?
Our machine enjoys a 1-year warranty, and our electric components enjoy 2 years warranty, besides all of our electric components are very famous brands all over the world, with the best quality, in case some problem with the electric parts, within the warranty period, you can contact us, we will send new one freely with freight prepaid, no within the warranty period, you also can contact us to buy new one or find from the local market easily.
3. How to install the machine?
For most of the machines, we won't disassemble them, we will send you the whole set, and you don't need to spend too much time to install, also we will send an operation video, use a manual and installation video to teach you how to operate it easily. 
4. Is it possible to arrange for your engineer to come to our factory to train our workers?
Firstly, in order to help you use the machine and start production as soon as possible, we will help you to solve the problem online line first, when you get the machine, I will make WhatsApp or WeChat group, or by Email, you can add your workers and engineer, I will invite our engineer and after-sales person who can speak English, we will follow your machine after the sale in the group together by video call, Email, picture, video, etc.
If we still can’t solve the problem, we will arrange for our engineer to your factory to help you solve the problem and train your workers, but buyers pay per person USD150 per day daily service fees, travel expenses & accommodation.
5. What’s the speed of the machine?
Normally the machine speed depends on many factors, such as product features(fluidity, viscosity, size) weight, bag size/bottle size, and even the temperature and humidity of the working environment, etc. It’s difficult to fix a speed, we can give you a speed range according to your product information and bag/bottle/cans information, but our machine also can customize according to your request, we have standard speed and high-speed equipment, so you just need to confirm exact information and your request with our sales, the speed can be 10-100 bags /bottles per minute, even more! we will customize the most suitable equipment for you!
6. How to choose a fillers/dosers system?
According to the product's granule, powder, and liquid classification, whether it is the packaging machine or filling machine's measuring method, or feeding method, it is divided into three categories
Granule: multi heads weigher and volumetric cups were used in granule-type product weighing and filling, it has a high accurate system.
Powder: Auger metering will be the best choice for powder, if you have a big range for weighing, you need to choose a different auger, as the auger is customized according to different weights.
Liquid pump: for liquid products, we have many types of pumps for different liquids, we will According to your product viscosity, fluidity or other request recommend a piston pump, rotor pump, gear pump, peristaltic pump, magnetic pump, etc. you just let me know your product features, our professional sales will recommend the most suitable liquid pump for you!
Therefore before sending a quotation to you, please you need to tell the sales your product features, then they can recommend the right machine to you.
7. What’s the payment term?
Normally we accept 30% or 50% deposit before production, 70% or 50% balance before shipping, by TT or 100% LC.
8. What’s the machine lead time?
Usually, our machine's standard lead time is 40-50 working days after we get the deposit, but you know different customers have different requests and products, if the machine or filling/packing line is fully customized, you need to confirm the exact lead time to sales.

9. What’s the purchase process?
Send an inquiry to Landpack, and leave your Email or WhatsApp contact information our sales will contact you to confirm detailed information about your product and request, maybe our sales will ask many questions, so please be patient to confirm all details, we just want to provide the most suitable and best price for every customer! - then our engineer will design drawing, our sales will send quotation and drawing to you - to negotiate to confirm all details with our sales - pay deposit - factory start production - machine finish, sales to take video or make video calling to inspect the machine with customers, or customer can come to factory or arrange someone to come to the factory to inspect the machine - customers are satisfied with the machine, arrange the balance - Landpack ship the machine by sea or by air - customer get the machine, Landpack will follow the after-sale until the machine work smoothly.
If you still want to know more about our machine, just contact by below website!
Thanks for your time!