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Customer Case
Industrial Packaging Equipment for Every Industry
Landpack Packaging Machinery can design, build and install customized, competitive packaging systems for a broad range of industries.
A leading industrial packaging equipments manufacturer for more than 12 years, Landpack engineers can develop solutions that are tailored to customers needs.
From a basic line to the most demanding or delicate application, Landpack’s automated packaging systems deliver reliable performance.
For integration into your flow pack machines, Record offers competitive automatic feeders.
Doypack Packing Solution
Puffed Food Multiple Packing Solution
Granular Multiple Packing Solution
Semi-automatic Powder Packing Solution
Hardware Packing Solution
Multiple Materials Mixed Packing Solution
Vegetable Complete Solution
Powder Packaging Solution
Grain Complete Packing Solution

Vegetable Packing Solution
Granule Packing Solution
Multiple Powder Mixed Packing Solution

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