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Food packing machine
Rotary Horizontal Packaging Machine(up-paper) LP-400/ LP-450/ LP-600/ LP-700
The Flow Pack Machine widely applied for various kinds of regular objects like Food, Vegetables, Fruits, Medicine, Daily Appliances, Cosmetic, Metals, Industrial Parts, Boxes, Trays, Toys and etc.
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towel Packaging Machine
Horizontal Pillow Type Flow Pack Machine LP-450X/ LP-600X/ LP-700X
Applied to packaging soft,sticky or multi pack products such as towel,tissue,noodles,egg rolls, sausages,ice lolly,ice cream bar,soft candy,cutlery,vegetables,etc.
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towel Packaging Machine
High Speed Food Packaging Machine
Suitable for packing food products that need high speed and high efficiency. The food products like cup cake, chocolate, confectionery, wafer, etc.
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small flow wrapping machine 
Automatic Eraser / Plasticine / Clay Modeling Flow Packing Machine LP-350Q
Suit for soft material such as plasticine, sugar fondany, flour dough, air dry clay, modeling clay,etc.
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Flow wrapping machine
High Speed Automatic Small Soft / Hard Candy Packing Machine LP-250C
Suit for Rectangular,square,round,oval round candy combined in one special-shaped finishing automatic packaging machine.
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bread packing machine
Automatic Pillow Type Wrapping Machine(up paper) LP-320B/D/ LP-350B/D
Applied to: Food (Snack bar,Bread,Cookies,Ice Lolly,Cake.Chocolate,) Plastic(Cutlery,Tray,) hardware(Handle,Bearing,Car parts, Washer, ) Soap,Sponge,Tissue,Card..... etc
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flow pack machine
Horizontal Automatic Flow Wrapper Machine(down-paper ) LP-250X/ LP-350X
Suitable for Packaging soft, strip and unorganized objects like towels, tissues, noodles, egg rolls, sausages, fish, ice-lollies, soft candies, fresh fruits, etc.
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pillow packing machine
After Pulling Down Paper Membrane Pillow Type Packaging Machine
Suitble for regular shape in many industries: Food (Snack bar,bread,cookies,ice lolly,cake.chocolate,) Plastic(Cutlery,tray,) hardware(handle,bearing,Car parts, washer, ) Soap,sponge,tissue,Card,vegettable,.etc
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Pillow Packing Machine
Automatic Reciprocating Pillow Packing Machine LP-450W/ LP-600W
Packaging regular products such as biscuit,pies,bread,instant noodles,drugs,daily applications,paper box,tray,etc.with gusseted device,can be made into gusseted bag.
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biscuit packing machine
Full Automatic Rotary Pillow Packaging Machine Without Pallet(up paple) LP-450T
suitable for the batch packing without pallet of regular objects like biscuit,pies,chocolates,bread,drugs,instant noodles,moon-cakes,daily appliances,industrial parts,paper boxes,plates,etc.
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