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Ultra-High Speed Full Servo Surgical Face Mask Making Machine


It is suitable for the production of various flat masks, surgical masks and disposable non-woven masks. Production speed can reach 150pcs/min.



Production capacity: 100-150pcs/min

Output: 100-150 pieces/min

Air source: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Total power: 10.5KW

Voltage: 220V single phase 50HZ

Mask size: 175X95mm

Tel/Whtasapp: +86 17388602385
Raw Materials:
1. The speed is adjustable, the product quality is stable, the operation is convenient, and the production efficiency is high, 80-100 pieces/min.
2. The all-aluminum profile machine is clean and beautiful, without welding and painting. Man-machine interface touch screen type control, built-in time, total output, daily output, set number automatic alarm and shutdown, digital keys to adjust the filming speed.
3. The entire production line is equipped with 8 sets of servo and motion controller systems, so that each action can be stable, coordinated and efficient.
4. The entire production line occupies a small workshop area and low labor intensity.
The fully automatic one-to-one full-servo masк machine is a scientific and technological product developed by our company that integrates light, electricity and gas. The entire production line consists of a filming machine with a speed of 120-150 pieces per minute and full servo ears. It is composed of welding machine and finished product conveying system, and the intelligent control system completes the whole set of coordinated actions, and stably completes the production capacity of 100-150 pieces per minute.
 Model  LD-YDPHE2A
 Production capacity  100-150pcs/min
 Air source  0.6-0.8Mpa
 Total power  10.5KW
 Voltage  220V single phase 50HZ
 Masк size  175X95mm
 Dimensions  4300X1980X1960mm
 Whole machine weight  about 1000kg

Raw Materials:
A. 2 layers mask:non-woven 、nose bridge strip
B. 3 layers mask :non-woven、PP melt -blown fabric、nose bridge bar
C. Activated carbon mask:non-woven、PP melt -blown fabric、Activated carbon fabric, nose bridge bar
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