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Full Automatic Disposable Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine


It's mainly used for the automatic forming of disposable, surgical and dust masks, etc.



Production capacity: 4500-5000pcs/h

Output: 100-150 pieces/min

Voltage:380V, Local voltage

Rated Power: 12000W

Materials: Non Woven fabric, melt blown woven

Tel/Whtasapp: +86 17388602385
1. High-quality cylinder, servo motor, good stability, low failure rate and high productivity.
2. Automatic diagnosis and alarm device, reduce maintenance cost, guarantee efficient and safe operation.
3. High automation, automatic control of the whole process of the equipment, stable and smooth operation, long-term continuous operation and good stability are impressive.
4. Touch screen design, easy-learning simple operation, and effectively saving labor cost.
5. One body machine drives two ear band machines, forming 2 masks at a time, high production efficiency.
6. This whole line can put into production in 1 days when the local site is well prepared.
7. Transport the product well organized,no waste product produce when restart the machine,low noise when running machine.
8. Adjustable speed, stable product quality, easy to operate, high production efficiency, 80 tablets per minute.
9. Aluminum alloy frame, touch screen control, built-in time, total output, the output of the day, set the number of automatic alarm and stop, digital key type adjustment film speed.
10. The motor adopts three-phase gear motor, magnetic wheel speed reduction belt brake function, very low noise.
11. Mask molding is all by ultrasonic welding, superior performance, high-speed film.
It's mainly used for the automatic forming of disposable, surgical and dust masks, etc.
This line use the non-woven fabric to form the face mask slice and auto add the earloop on the face mask slice directly,it is an ideal equipment to make the medical face mask. we can offer you the face mask machine for making different shape and different style face mask.
Disposable Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine Parameter
Model LD-YDPHE1B Materials
Non Woven fabric, melt blown woven
Machine 6500x3000x1700mm System PLC
Labors require
2-4 people
380V, Local voltage
2 ton
Production type length ≤ 90mm, width ≤175mm
Air Pressure 5-6KG/CM2 Transportation By air, by sea, by truck
Lead time 2-7dyas after payment
This in stock automatic mask machine is mainly used for automatic forming of disposable flat masks. The servo and constant temperature control system used is controlled by PLC program to make the material from compounding → forming → welding → punching → spot welding ear bands completed at one time, and the entire production process is fully automated. Product features of the mask machine The mask making machine is a process of manufacturing a variety of masks with constant filtration performance through processes such as hot-pressed folding molding, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, and welding of earband nose bridge strips. The production speed of masks is 80 pieces / min and above, and the pass rate is above 98%, which is higher than the similar products.
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