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KN95/ N95 Mask Side Edge Sealing Pressing Machine.


N95 mask pressing machine is suitable for pressing and sealing of N95 masks and KN95 masks.


Model: LD-YB160

Turntable station: six stations

Power: 3.5KW

Turntable diameter: 590mm

Welding pressure accuracy: ±0.05mm

Speed: 15-25 pieces/min

Tel/Whtasapp: +86 17388602385
1. Reduce manual workload and increase edge banding output. Workers only need to be responsible for putting on masks. The equipment will automatically weld and take out finished masks, thereby increasing output.
2. Use ultrasonic to weld, frequency 20KHZ, high power 2000W, welding time can be adjusted, welding time is short (high productivity), welding is firm, not easy to tear.
3. Mask welding edge/sealing/holding size: KN95, N95 standard adult masks, because each company's mask size is inconsistent, customers can customize it or go to our company to customize the mold for replacement.
N95 mask pressing machine is suitable for pressing and sealing of N95 masks and KN95 masks. We can use this machine to press the common N95 masks on the market. The machine adopts 6-station rotation for pressing.
 Model  LD-YB160
 Turntable station  six stations
 Power  3.5KW
 Turntable diameter  590mm
 Welding pressure accuracy  ±0.05mm
 Speed  15-25 pieces/min
 Power supply  single-phase 220V/50HZ
 Weight  75KG
 Maximum welding area  60mm*190mm
 Working cycle  about 2.5S-3S
 Dimensions  L830*W500*H1730
N95 mask edge pressing machine is a machine equipment for edge banding and edge pressing of N95 and KN95 masks. The machine adopts 6-station rotation for edge pressing operation and ultrasonic edge banding. The working process of the machine is: the operator needs to manually put the N95 masks one by one on the mold of the rotating station, and then seal the edge by ultrasonic pressure, and then pinch the finished product through the manipulator to complete the entire edge sealing process .
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