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Matters needing attention in daily maintenance of automatic vertical granule packaging machine

27.Nov 2017
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The grain packing machine can be used for packing granules and water pills, sugar, coffee, fruit, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, desiccant, seeds and other fine particles, and automatically complete the measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, interception and counting and other work. Work procedures are more complex, maintenance is not timely, it is easy to cause unnecessary problems, so routine maintenance is very important, the following should pay attention to a few points:
1, Grain packing machine need regular checking, a monthly check, worm gear, worm, lubrication block bolts, bearings and other departments are rolling flow flexible and wear, found defects should be repaired in time, not to use force.
2, The machine should be placed in the dry and clean indoor use, not to contain acids in the atmosphere and other corrosive gases to the body, smooth flow of the use of the site.
3, After the grain packing machine is used or stopped, it should take out the rotating drum for cleaning and brushing the remaining powder in the bucket, and then loading, ready for the next use.
4, When the drum in the work place before and after the move, the M10 screw bearing soldier to the proper position just before the school. If the gear axis traverse, please adjust the bearing frame behind the M10 screw to the proper position, adjust the gap to the bearing sound, hand turn the pulley, proper tightness is appropriate, too tight or too loose can make the machine damaged may.
5, Disable such a long time, it is necessary to machine body wipe clean parts of glossy coated with anti rust oil, covered with cloth punta.