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10 points automatic granule packing machine should pay attention to when in the operation

27.Nov 2017
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The automatic packaging of small dose of automatic granule packing machine is suitable for packaging of tea, peanuts, rice, seeds, medicine and food particles, flake like articles, the packaging material is a composite material is bonded at high temperature, this machine can automatically complete bag, has the function of regulating calculation, measuring cup filling, printing date, sealing parts of words and counting.
For the automatic particle packaging machine operation specifications, and equipment operation, we must have some understanding, and now we will introduce the equipment after operation should pay attention to some of the matters.
Matters needing attention in operation of automatic granule packing machine:
(1) In the process of operation, should pay attention to the sound of the machine is coordinated, can quickly distinguish the abnormal operation before the accident sound.
(2) If the film is loaded, if it does not start for a long time, the heat will be continuously transferred to the thin film, and the film will be burnt out. At this time, the three nuts should be clockwise rotating, and the two longitudinal sealing rod and the two transverse sealing rod should be separated from each other.
(3) It is necessary to use the copper brush to clean the vertical sealing stick, the surface of the cross sealing stick, and if the surface of the heating stick is adhered to polyethylene and dust, it will cause bad heat sealing, and thus the longitudinal sealing rod tension will be weakened, which will lead to the packing disorder.
(4) The switch of machine power supply should be cut off during inspection, cleaning and repair.
(5) In the course of operation, no hand and other objects are close between the cross bar and the cutter.
(6) Regularly check the fastening parts of the machine, whether there is loosening, disconnection and other phenomena.
(7) Every month, should be in each fastening parts coated with lubricating oil, reducer oil, the first oil should be replaced at about 10 days, then every 2000 hours to replace a new oil, the amount of oil to the center of the oil target.
(8) Water washing equipment is strictly forbidden, and electrical equipment must be damp when cleaning machine.
(9) The special copper wire brush should be used when cleaning the heat sealing device, so that it is not allowed to touch by hand to prevent scalding.
(10) The automatic granule packing machine shall not extend the hand and other tools in operation, so as to avoid personal accidents.