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Analysis of mechanical properties of 500g vertical powder packaging machine and introduction of 4 functions

27.Nov 2017
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The scope of automatic packaging machine for salt is suitable for the quantitative weighing packaging of salt, inorganic salt, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, coffee and other granular foods
Characteristics of salt packing machine:
1. the packaging machine can realize the automation from weighing, filling to bag making and packaging; the whole 316L stainless steel and sealing process effectively control the phenomenon of salt packaging easy corrosion equipment, and extend the service life of equipment;
2: the packing machine is programmed by the PLC control system, servo system, pneumatic power drive system composed of the core through the LCD touch screen man-machine interface from weighing to bag packaging products in the process of counting and printing date, nitrogen (exhaust), product transfer and other functions;
3: the packaging parameters are set and modified by touch screen, and the touch screen can memorize and store the packaging parameters of 10 different products. When the product is changed, it can be used at any time without re setting;
4: the unit can realize the pillow type bag, folding angle bag, hand carrying bag, punching bag and multi connecting bag.