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How to choose the product bag

06.Dec 2017
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Many customers ask the packing machine factory to provide the packing bag when they think of what they are going to pack. Now the small editor for you to guide.
First is the choice of bag type, the bag type provided by Chuang Bao is as follows: Chuang Bao packing
Pillow bag, like a pillow bag.
Hot edge bag, two sides of the bag have been ironed, forming a side, showing that your food is high.
The four sides of the bag are sealed up in the four sides.
An olive bag, a bag with a sealed function, can have a seal when you can't eat it, seal the food and leave it next time.
A triangle bag with a sample bag shaped like a zongzi.
Even the bag, like the QQ sugar five packages together, in the supermarket hanging, can also be tore down a package.
In addition to the above bags, you can also make your modification requirements, such as: the butterfly hole, the function: a hole is easily displayed on the supermarket brackets.