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What are the differences between the pillow packing machine, the vertical packing machine and the horizontal packing machine?

05.Dec 2017
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Vertical packing machine
: the coil is usually on the upper end of the machine. The vertical packaging machine is used to make the coil into the molding packaging bag. Then, packing, sealing and other process horizontal packers are roughly divided into two types: bag type and self-made bag type.

To bag, the existing prefabricated bags are placed in the bag area, and the processes such as opening, blowing, metering, blanking, sealing and printing are completed in a horizontal walking bag form.
The difference between homemade bag type and bag feeding type is that the self-made bag type needs automatic completion of coil forming or film forming bag making process, and this process is basically accomplished in horizontal form.

Pillow packaging machine: packaged goods by the conveying mechanism of horizontal transfer to membrane or film entrance (the bag or film through the coil has a cylindrical and packaged goods will enter the cylindrical packing material), after the synchronous operation, followed by heat sealing and pumping (vacuum packaging) or aspirated (inflatable packaging), cutting and other processes. For example: small bread, chocolate, biscuits, instant noodles and other foods through the pillow packaging machine packaging, compared with horizontal and vertical packaging packaging, pillow packing is aimed at a massive, globular, single goods relatively stylish or integrated items. For example, batteries, even pack food (instant noodles) and they all belong to the pillow type packing set.