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Mini Doypack Packaging Machine with Multihead Weigher


It is suitable for various granlue material in premade pouch style, such as beans, nuts, dry fruits, candy, cereal, chocolate, biscuit, peanut, capsule, seeds, chemicals, sugar, etc.


Bag size: W:80-300mm, L:100-400mm
Speed: 1-15bags/min
Bag type: 3 side seal bag, stand-up bag
Tel/Whtasapp: +86 17388602385
Sample video:
Main Process:
Basic Functions:
Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Korean (At most three languages);
PLC: Japan Panasonic;
Cylinder: Taiwai Airtac (Can be upgraded to Japan SMC);
Vacuum Generator: China Airbest (Can be upgraded to Vacuum Pump);
Vacuum Component: Japan SMC;
Modular Control System For Vacuum Pressure: Japan SMC;
Modular Control System For Temperature: China YUDIAN;
Safety Key Interlock Switch;
The main structure of the machine is SUS304 (The thickness of the rack is 3.0mm), and the material of the part is aluminum;
The part (Hopper) in contact with the material is SUS304 (Can be upgraded to SUS316L).
Basic Functions:
The machine stops running when the safety key interlock switch is pulled out;
No bag prompting function;
Self-diagnosis function of open the bag failed (The bag can be reused); In that case, the machine will not fill and seal, it will re-take the bag;
Positioning (anti-dropping) function of hopper;
Warning function of cartridge heater fault ;
Warning function of cylinder fault.
Performance Features:
Easy to operate and easy to replace the bag / The machine is suitable for a variety of bag types;
Low maintenance cost / Modular replacement of the parts;
Certificate of Conformity.
Sample video:
Model: LD-300A/LD--430A
Bag Material: Multilayer Composite Premade Bag(e.g.: PET/PE)
Bag Type: 3 Side Seal Bag, Stand-up Bag
Upgradable Bag Type: Gusset Bag, Zipper Bag, Flat Bottom Pouch (Need additional purchase of functional device)
Size Range: 80mm≤W≤300mm 100mm≤L≤400mm
Speed: 0~15bags/min
Sealing Type: Straight grain, pitch is 1mm (Optional reticulate)
Sealing Width: 10mm (5--20mm can be customized)
Voltage: 220V, Single-phase, 50/60HZ, 1.2KW
Air Pressure: 0.65Mpa
Air Consumption: 0.3m³/min (Standard machine, no additional function)
Body Dimension: 1770*600*1260mm
Packing Dimension: 1860*710*1650mm (Export non-fumigation wooden case)
Main Process:
1.Bag opening;2.Transition chute;3.Filling;4.Sealing;5.Machine control;
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