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Specification for operation of packaging machinery

09.Dec 2017
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1. Aim: to use the packing machine correctly to ensure the safe and normal production of the equipment.

2. Scope of application: it is suitable for the control of the whole operation process of the packing machine.
3. Responsibilities:
3.1 the operator should understand the working principle of the packing machine, the performance and the key points of operation.
3.2 the supervisor is responsible for supervising the operator and using the packing machine properly.
3.3 the mechatronics department is responsible for troubleshooting and eliminating equipment failures.
4. The main points of operation:
4.1 check whether the parts are lubricated well.
4.2 check whether the firmware is loose, and the power line is broken.
4.3 open the empty car to check the rotating system and the motion mechanism have no fault and abnormal sound.
4.4 open the preheating, switch, and reach the setting temperature.
4.5 open the electric eye, hand movement to the right end point, the film indicates the point to see the location of the electric eye.
4.6 open the air pump, open the electronic name.
4.7 start packing machine, electronic weigh the material accurately into the hopper.
4.8 check the horizontal sealing, weight isnormal.
4.9 stop.
4.9.1 press the stop button.
4.9.2 turn off the switch pump, electric eye, horizontal and vertical sealing switch.
5, attention:
    the machine is strictly prohibited by hand pulling each moving parts, and roll film.
6, daily maintenance:
6.1 equipment surface wipe clean, do not put goods.
6.2 the firmware of the equipment is checked and fastened, and the oil is lubricated.