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Green packaging material is the development trend of packaging machine industry

08.Dec 2017
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The packaging materials used in packaging machine are common inorganic materials, causing serious environmental pollution along with the people environmental protection concept update provides convenient at the same time, the packaging machine industry requirements different from the past, Foshan landpack packaging machinery, green packaging materials, sustainability will become a major development trend of packaging machine industry

Recently, foreign countries have successfully developed edible materials from plants to make green packaging materials. They have no difference in appearance, and the cost has doubled. But the new packaging can be recycled, very beneficial to the environment, and environmental cards will also attract a large number of consumers to buy. Unfortunately, the sugar - made packing box can neither dissolve in water nor eat it.
The green packaging box made of cane sugar in France shows that the packaging has been developed successfully, and is entering the packaging market, which will make greater use of space and development prospects.
Edible packaging to lead the sustainable development of the industry
In fact, a long time ago, the related packers enterprises had begun to improve the production and improvement of related powder packaging machines and granular packaging machines for the preparation and Performance Research of new edible packaging films. In fact, in our country, a lot of edible packaging has long been used in real life. Can effectively reduce the loss of water and covered in a layer of wax coated with the surface of the fruit, cake made of glutinous rice paper, sweet potatoes, corn or wheat flour and starch, that is the entrance, and the outer packing is used to prevent adhesion; ice cream cone corn baking packaging, sausage casings are typical of edible packaging. With the rapid development of China's food packaging industry, the development of new edible and environmental protection packaging materials is considered as an important means to achieve sustainable development of food packaging industry.