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New features of large and fully automatic vertical packaging machinery

28.Nov 2017
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The packaging of goods is inevitable cannot do without all kinds of packaging machinery, with the constant forward, more consumers for the commodity packaging demand, stimulate the continuous progress of the packaging machinery industry, so the packaging machinery has a very important position in the packaging industry, and play a pivotal role in emergence of packing machine the structure of the packaging machine inside the equipment more simplified, the volume is more compact, more extensive use of packing machine.
Now the development of packaging machinery has new features:
First, high production efficiency. The production line is highly automated and the production scale is large, so as to obtain the best labor productivity and economic benefit.
Two is the high interest rate of resources, high comprehensive utilization and development of circular economy.
The three is that the product attaches great importance to energy saving and pays more attention to reducing the cost.
Four is the application of high and new technology, improve production efficiency, product level and grade.
The five is the commercialization of scientific research results, and the development of packaging machinery products to knowledge intensive, technology integrated, product intelligence and so on.