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Intelligent 4 Side Sealing Mask Packaging Machine, Adjustable Packing Size


Sutable for intelligent 4 side sealing mask packaging, automatic adjustable packing size;applicable mask: flat masks, N95 masks, KN94 masks, medical surgical masks, disposable masks.


Model: LD-GFB220

Production capacity: 60-140 bags/min

Packing size: L 80-300mm, W 60-170mm, H 1-10mm

Compressed air: ≥0.1m3/min

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated voltage: AC380V (three-phase four-wire)

Tel/Whtasapp: +86 17388602385
Programmable control: PLC programmable controller and servo motor are used to program the operation of the whole machine.
Touch screen display: setting the host speed, bag length and output will be displayed on the screen, which is clear at a glance.
Two-way compensation for benchmarking: Imported photoelectric detection color mark, controlled by PLC computer program combined with servo motor, automatic tracking, making the benchmarking fast and accurate.
The shell is made of stainless steel to extend the service life.
High packaging efficiency. Stable performance. Convenient operation and maintenance. Low failure rate.
It can run continuously for a long time.
The production date can be printed simultaneously.
It can be equipped with one or more automatic feeders to achieve the goal of fully automatic production.
Masks products: flat masks, N95 masks, KN94 masks, medical surgical masks, disposable masks;
Daily necessities: cards, wet wipes, alcohol wipes, mobile phone stickers, mobile phone cases, hardware, small plastic parts, craft gifts, sheets, toys, stickers, non-woven fabrics, cotton pads;
Medical supplies: plaster paste, analgesic paste, analgesic paste, gauze, medical paste, antipyretic paste, belly button paste, moxibustion paste, early pregnancy test paper, cooling paste, Gutong paste, alcohol cotton pad, motion sickness paste, artificial Breathe;
Health care: slimming patch, foot patch, eye patch, foot warming patch, heating patch, warm patch, palace warm patch, baby warmer, happy patch, fast heat patch, warm pack, foot warmer, warm bag, activated carbon self Fever-shaped bags.

Production capacity

60-140 bags/min

Packing size

L 80-300mm, W 60-170mm, H 1-10mm

Compressed air


Rated frequency


Rated voltage

AAC380V (three-phase four-wire)

Total power


Machine weight



length × width × height 6500×1700×1600㎜

During production, only 2-3 workers are required, with 1-2 people sorting and discharging, and another individual sorting out and packing. The stability of the whole machine is very good, almost no need to adjust the machine after starting up and running.
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